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  • Your baby may have amazing psychic powers!
  • Experts say babies use their mind-control powers to mold their parents’ emotions:

    Your baby may have amazing psychic powers!

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    BOSTON – Is your baby trying to hypnotize you? Children as young as 1 week old can exhibit paranormal abilities – and use their powers to control their parents’ minds, a fascinating new study shows.

    ESP researchers in Boston studied 100 babies ages 0 to 24 months and found that 70 percent of them had “moderate to strong” telepathic abilities.

    “Youngsters use the ability to let parents know when they are hungry, wet or frightened and summon them to their cribs,” says research psychologist Dr. Alexis Shorney, who co- authored the study.

    “We found they are able to signal their mothers at a distance, in an acoustically sealed room down the hall where the moms cannot hear their cries.”

    In the study, pairs of mothers and their babies were separated and each mom was instructed to type into a computer what her baby was feeling at any given moment. Researchers later compared the subjects’ guesses with videotapes of the tots, showing when they cried. Astonishingly, most of the time, moms accurately stated when their infants were hungry or uncomfortable – and, especially, when they were afraid.

    “When a loud noise was played on a speaker in the room where the baby was lying, the child would begin to cry,” continues Dr. Shorney. “And at the same moment, the mother would invariably express concern that her child was afraid. Often she would feel an irresistible compulsion to go see her child and would demand to leave the room.”

    Experts say babies use their mind-control powers to mold their parents’ emotions.

    “We believe that infants cause adults to feel affection and form a deep emotional bond with the child,” says Dr. Shorney. “This causes parents to willingly make sacrifices for their children – to give up their lives if need be. The survival value of this trait is obvious.”

    Paranormal abilities seemed to weaken with age and appeared to dissipate entirely among most children by age 2, the study found.

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